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Returning For Valentine’s

Eva Bishop is one of those hard to get to know but once you know her past, you get her. She also has a heart of gold that she buries under all her hardness because she’s been hurt. So while Penny might not have understood Eva, the truth is Eva isn’t a real bad girl. She just doesn’t let people in to trust.

She dates the wrong guys, constantly, but it’s a way to stay safe. The last wrong guy ended up leaving her pregnant. However Eva is determined to give her unborn daughter whatever she can, even if right now she’s dirt poor with no decent place to live or even furniture.

So when Brandon Campbell, a former guy from high school whose now one of the hottest Hollywood producers knocks on her door requesting a fake relationship to satisfy investors, she never intended to let real feelings get in the way. But with Christmas and her growing child inside her, Eva’s world is changing and she’s adapting in a way she never expected. But love doesn’t exist, right? Soon she’ll have to change her mind.

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One Ruined Wedding. One bad boy guest. One wedding night she never expected, but can it last?

Favorite Coffee, Favorite Scandal (The Marshall Family Saga Book 4) by Victoria Pinder

Calliope Campbell was set to marry her long term boyfriend, despite all her doubts. This was her chance to finally get her happily-ever-after. Her parents died years ago while holding hands and showed her first hand what it was like to live and die while always being in love. Somehow she intended to make it work with her fiancé, despite her doubts.

Bad boy Michael Marshall wanted Calliope but on their only date a year ago, she choose to get back together with her boyfriend. He understood as he was not a safe choice, but he went to her destination wedding in Mexico to see first hand how she’d never be his. So when the wedding goes bust and her fiancé is exposed for cheating on Calliope, Michael comes in and gets her out of this wedding fast. The heat turns up between the two of them fast.

Can Calliope convince Michael that he was not a rebound and that the scorching heat between them deserves a chance? Will Michael ever trust that Calliope truly chose him?

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