From The Desk Of Author Terry Maggert 05-23-18

from the desk of Terry Maggert

I am a Hot Yoga fan. It’s true.

Hey Bookfriends!
In three months, I will be wearing a toga at Once Upon A Book in beautiful Frankenmuth, Michigan. It’s one of my favorite towns on the planet, and if you ever get the chance– go. So many good things, like year-round Christmas shops, fudge, giant pretzels, Polka, and midwestern charm to spare.
But back to the toga. I’m wearing one. It’s a themed event.
Cue the panic.
I turn 50 this year, and needed to do something to change the way I felt. I chose Hot Yoga.
I’m a month in, and I feel amazing. I never knew how difficult it could be to remain still, to focus, and to stretch things I didn’t know I had. Yoga has cleared my mind, and I”m writing more– and better words– each day.
If you get a chance, give it a try. I’m not small– over six feet tall and 250 pounds– and even for me, it’s amazing.
Also, I started a YouTube channel for writers. If you write, love learning about the craft, or known someone who does, stop by and subscribe.


It’s short, punchy videos that cover small topics writers need. In essence, I make mistakes so you don’t have to. 🙂
Also, have you gotten A Touch of Frost yet? It’s in Kindle Unlimited.
Grab it here: A Touch of Frost
As always, thanks for connecting, see you on the road!

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