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First off, I hope you are enjoying some sunny weather. I know I am. It was a long, cold rainy spring here in BC, and I am loving getting out on my bike.

If you’re anticipating the release of Fate’s War – Book 3 of Fate’s Journey I have good news and bad news. The good news is, I just hit 115k words! The bad news is, I was aiming for a total of 120k words, but still need about 25k to finish the story. This is the fun part though. Everything is culminating in the third act with some surprising and thrilling conclusions!

I’d also hoped to include another chapter of my unedited excerpts ofFate’s War, but unfortunately I had to focus on this whole GDPR compliance by today’s deadline. Though I did manage to put together a montage of some of the magical places, monstrous creatures and epic characters in Fate’s War to give you a glimpse of what I’ve been imagining.

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Until next month, happy reading,

T 🙂

Fate’s War Montage

Floating cities, flying boats, sand monsters, demons, a tougher than ever heroine and gorgeous guys, oh my!

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