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                                  —– Death – Unmasked, a book blogger’s ‘Spotlight’ interview:

Q: Due to ‘Death – Unmasked,’ having a reincarnation theme, is reincarnation something you personally believe in? If so, how did this belief come about?

Sulik:  When I was young, my mom and I would walk a mile in the evenings after dinner around a lake near our home. On our last walk together before she passed away, she looked up at me, and said with a sweet smile, “If I had to do it all over again for you, and your brothers, I would.” Instinctively, without her saying another word, the knowing look in her beautiful hazel eyes communicated her thoughts, and it all came together ‘in-a-blink-of-an-eye,’ and I fully understood what my mom had meant. She had been my mother in other lifetimes.

Q: Do you plan to come back in your next lifetime? If so, as what?

Sulik:  As a, – human being, of course. In the very beginning of time, all ‘spirits’ were created ‘equal,’ and were all baptized in the ‘spirit’ world by Our Unconditional Loving Creator. All ‘spirits’ have their own ‘personality’ or ‘identity.’ When a ‘spirit’ uses their God-given ‘Gift’ of ‘Free-Will,’ and incarnates to the ‘physical world’ as a human being to experience a natural lifetime, or lifetimes, they have their own individual fingerprint, which is their signature that identifies their unique ‘spirit’ from another ‘spirit.’ Their fingerprint belongs to them, and only to them, each and every time their ‘spirit’ decides to incarnate to ‘physical earth.’ From the very beginning of time, we were all identified, and keep only one set of physical fingerprints – for eternity. We cannot learn, ‘in-a-blink-of-an-eye,’ all about life in one lifetime. It takes many lifetimes of being male, and female, for our ‘spirits’ to evolve, and come around full-circle, in order to become completed ‘spirits’ with Our all-merciful Creator.


Q: Do you have a theory concerning homosexuality?

Sulik: The pieces of the evolution puzzle fit together for me recently, and I’ll share my theory on homosexuality. 

When ready to incarnate to earth to complete their specified ‘spiritual’ mission to evolve, a ‘spirit’ chooses (free-will) their ‘heavenly guide,’ and their physical body to best fulfill their earthly ‘mission.’
When a ‘spirit’ chooses, over several lifetimes, to be a male, and then chooses to be a female in a future incarnation, their ‘mem’-o-ry while on earth becomes ‘confused’ when they can’t adapt to their abrupt physical / mental change due to re-‘mem’-bering their past lifetimes as being a male, and they wind up ‘creating-their-own-reality,’ and in the process, forgetting or abandoning their intended ‘spiritual’ mission, to balance out any karma they created in their past lives, while in their present body.
Males can have feminine qualities, while females can have masculine qualities in their current natural lifetime.
A female can have masculine traits that can be ‘attractive’ to their female feminine partner (A).
A male can have feminine traits that can be ‘attractive’ to their male masculine partner (B).
God Loves All His Children. Homosexuality, is a human being ‘evolving’ experience, and not a sin. There is no such thing as sin, when a ‘spirit’ is experiencing all aspects of life to its fullest in each lifetime to evolve their ‘spirit.’
Q: Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?
Sulik:  God, Our Lord, and Creator, gave each one of us, His gift of free-will, and, pro-choice to make our own decisions while we are on His earth.

A) No human being, nor government, has the right to take away, Our Heavenly Father’s precious gift of free-will, and pro-choice from us.

And, B) No human being, nor government, can Force ‘their will’ on us, without our collective permission / agreement.

C) A pregnant woman, has a free-will right, and pro-choice, concerning abortion. It is her God-given-right, to make her own decision, and no other human being, nor government, has the right to Force ‘their will’ on her decision, or, interfere with her free-will choice.

A woman’s free-will choice to have an abortion is strictly between her, and God.

Q: What is Death – Unmasked about?
SulikDeath Unmasked, is a suspenseful, mystery police thriller spanning lifetimes, using reincarnation, karma, psychic ability, remote viewing, and out-of-body experience to out-wit an evil incarnated entity stalking women in, Houston, Texas.
Q: When you were writing, Death – Unmasked, did you work from an outline or just wing it from day to day?
Sulik:  My mind started in the middle of, Death Unmasked. At night, I would type chapters until a fog, or, ‘writer’s block,’ kept me from advancing. I would then ‘change tactics,’ and start writing chapters in the beginning, and continued typing towards the middle of the book. You probably heard the military saying – ‘Improvise, adapt, and overcome.’ I wanted to write, DeathUnmasked, in a different writing style from the norm, and I tried to keep the story rolling along at a fast clip.
Q: Is there a hidden message in Death Unmasked that you would like to convey to interested readers?
Sulik:  There are no hidden messages. It’s all laid out in black-and-white. At the conclusion of the story, the reader should be able to decide for themselves in the comfort, and in the silence of their sanctuary, if the story convinced them that reincarnation – is a reality.
Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Sulik:  I thought it interesting, since Army General George S. Patton Jr., (born 11-11-1885) believed in reincarnation, that his Warrior ‘spirit,’ in foresight, would choose to incarnate (Free-Will) back into the ‘physical’ on the date, 11-11. General Patton’s poem, ‘Through a Glass, Darkly’ is evident of his resolute belief in reincarnation. I quote, “So as through a glass and darkly, the age long strife I see, where I fought in many guises, many names, but always me.” To Patton, who strongly believed in God, the date 11-11, might symbolize ‘spirits’ re-entering the ‘physical’ (earth) by way of the top left inside 11, and eventually departing by way of the lower right inside 11, back to the ‘spirit’ world, only to be ‘reborn’ again (a cycle) at some future date by using – The All Merciful Father’s (God) greatest gift to humanity – ‘Free-Will.’ At 11:00 am, of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, WWI came to an end, and it was to be the war that would end all wars. Patton lived half of his adult life at this point in history. General Patton’s Warrior ‘Spirit’ might have foreseen, before reincarnating on his latest birthday, 11-11-1885, that years after WWII, his birthday (November 11) would be remembered as a National Holiday, and would honor all veterans, and that Armistice Day, would be eventually changed to – Veterans Day.
Q: Where can readers find Death Unmasked?
Sulik:  Amazon Link:
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