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Praise for Curva Peligrosa: 

“Readers will find themselves spellbound by this novel’s enchanted events. From the opening page when a tornado picks up a purple outhouse andCurva deposits it intact in the middle of the Canadian prairie town of Weed with seductive Curva Peligrosa still inside, magical events occur. A visitor all the way from Mexico, Curva, six feet tall, lusty, mysterious, and irresistibly attractive, enthralls the townspeople. After her arrival, miraculous events envelop her and the town. Curva’s dead twin brother appears. Ancient bones speak and come to life. A geyser bursts spontaneously from the earth, gushing water even in winter. In prose lush and poetic, Lily Iona MacKenzie’s novel explores the inscrutable connection between life and art, fiction and fact. I found myself captivated from first page to last.” —Hugh Cook, author of The Homecoming Man and Heron River

Curva Peligrosa takes you on an entertaining, raucous even bawdy ride.” —Nina Schuyler, award-winning author of The Painting and The Translator

Curva Peligrosa is a wildly inventive, consistently engaging, and amusing novel, but under its bright exterior lurk darker undertones and truths; it’s a book which attempts to say serious and important things about language, story-telling, mortality, indigenous cultures, love, and sex.”  —Steven Bauer, author of The Strange and Wonderful Tale of Robert McDoodle and A Cat of a Different Color

Curva Peligrosa, a wildly inventive, engaging, & amusing novel, says serious & important things about storytelling, mortality, love, & sex. Join Curva Peligrosa on her quest for eternal life! Ebooks will be available for $0.99 for one week beginning 6/18/18. Don’t miss this great deal sponsored by Bookbub.

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