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Author: Christine Donovan

Publisher: Independent

Pages: 328

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Until Sarah Kennedy is 17 she spends her summers at Sunset Beach with
a close-knit group of friends. They are young, carefree, and just a tad
wild—as teenagers tend to be. They share secrets, love, and a deep
connection. But that final summer life as the friends know it begins to
unravel. Domestic violence plagues one family, one of their group
becomes a criminal. Sarah severs all ties with her friends and
disappears.Fifteen years after the summer that changed Sarah’s life forever, she
receives a letter about a reunion. Can she bury her fears, curb her
anxiety enough to attend and finally unearth who attacked her and
changed the trajectory of her life forever? She also hopes to reconnect
with the one man she gave her heart and soul too—Jake Ferroli. She
wonders if his life faired any better than hers after his family tragedy
and his downfall into drugs and alcohol.Sarah locks down her demons and rents a cottage for the summer. To
her surprise Jake is still single and they slowly reconnect. But so does
her attacker. He is good at eluding the police. Somehow he has gone on
attacking women for fifteen years without so much as being a suspect.
Pictures, letters, and threats against Sarah now come on a daily basis.
Jake and Sarah hire a private detective and as they get closer and
closer to revealing the identity of the perpetrator, he strikes. Can
Jake rescue Sarah before their so-called friend rapes her, or even
worse, kills her as he did to his last victim?

When he stepped close to her, he could
sense rather than see her retreat. Her eyes darted toward the door then back to
him, suddenly full of panic. Why? It tore at his heart to know someone or
something traumatized her.
“Why don’t you take a seat and relax.” He
reached out to touch her arm and she all but flinched. It appeared ever so quickly,
but he noticed it. On an exhale, he let his arm fall, frowned at her behavior,
and sat down. She slid into the chair opposite him.
“So, tell me why you’re so jumpy? Is it me,
or are you always like this?” God, please
don’t let it be me.
She shot him a look of disbelief. “I’m not
Clearing his throat, he said, “If you say
“Have you kept in touch with everyone?”
The desperation he witnessed flash in her
eyes nearly broke his heart. “Yeah, I have. You know about Drew and Alyssa. Tom’s
a doctor. He works at Mass General and he’s still single. Dylan lives in his
mother’s old house. He’s a local cop here. Had a nasty divorce a few years
back, but I don’t know all the details. I believe he has one kid, a daughter. Mitch
is a detective with the Boston Police Department. He married a fellow police
officer and they have two kids. Heather married some guy last year, I haven’t
met him. Tracy’s single and I think she’s the only one
not coming.”
“I had no idea what became of anyone.”
Tears pooled in her eyes. “Except Charlotte.” She closed her eyes and took a deep
breath. “You took me by surprise when I saw you pull up today.”
Exhaling, he said, “Likewise. I didn’t
expect you to come after fifteen years of silence.” He ran his hands threw his
hair and asked, “Why did you come?”
“I don’t know. I thought it was time.”
She had a strange, vacant look on her face,
so Jake decided to drop the subject. He would push for more answers later. And
he wanted answers. Something had been eating a hole in his heart all these
years, and he wanted to know why.

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Christine Donovan is an International Bestselling Author who writes
romance that touches the heart, soothes the soul and feeds the mind. She
is a PAN Member of RWA and belongs to Novelist, Inc. and Rhode Island
Romance Writers.She lives on the Southeast Coast of Massachusetts with her husband,
four sons, four cats and one spoiled golden retriever. As well as
writing contemporary romance, she also writes historical and paranormal.
All her books have some degree of suspense. In her spare time, she can
be found reading, painting or gardening. She loves to tackle DIY




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