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Destined For Love Romances

Hey there! There’s something about a mansion that instantly evokes romance, and that’s why it was the perfect destination for our second collection!


Kiss Me in the Rain by Lindzee Armstrong

Cypress Grove Mansion, a treasured constant in Layla’s perfect life, will be sold to the highest bidder if she doesn’t date an investor’s son. The problem? The man she really wants just rolled into town.




Love Me at Sunset by Lucinda Whitney

The remote Sunset Manor is the perfect place to start over for the new groundskeeper. But when suspicious accidents start at the property, will he be able to protect the reclusive widow?






Roping His Heart by Jaclyn Hardy

Rachel has dreamed of owning the old mansion since she was a child. When Patrick comes to town with the deed in his hand, Rachel’s hopes are shattered. Can she have both the house and the man who has captured her heart, or will she be left with nothing?




The Princess and the Pizza Man by Cassie Mae

Cupid is supposedly haunting Frostville Mansions, and skeptic Will heads to the place with the hope his sister will finally find the love she wants. But when he starts to fall for the fun and spunky owner, he wonders if there may be a love god living in the walls after all.




Mending Fences by Lorin Grace

Two decades ago a little girl climbed a fence and found a friend. Now all she finds is trouble. Daniel Crawford has taken to chasing off intruders by any means possible. No one is going to cross the fence into his land. Or his heart.




Saving Sycamore Bay by Cami Checketts

Harrison Jackson has always been revered for his athleticism. When he’s asked to help a southern belle, a women looks past his stats and handsome face, he falls quickly, but she’s in too big of a mess to commit to anyone.

Fall in love with each of these intriguingly romantic tales from USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors.


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