Interview With Author Lakyshia Shelton

Do you have a complete author platform?

I have a web page called:

I also have social media accounts:

Author Lakyshia Shelton

Email address:

What is my brand signature as an author?

I would have to say being a young mother of two sons and struggling to take care of them financially is who I am, a mother first. My main focus as a Author would be The Speaking Voices non-profit and center That I am trying to open for children is my main focus, that’s why I wrote the book called Lets Help Each Other *Can You Relate To These Stories*! I want to be the voice to speak for those who are too scared to speak for themselves. I want to open the center for victims, runaway, at risk youth, etc… We would give them somewhere to sleep that night while contacting their parents and necessary authorities to figure out what is going on and if the child should return to that home, etc… I am one of those victims who no one believed that has found her voice and speaking up. I am that person who wants to help change or save one life at a time, because one is better than none at all.

Are you an established Author or a relatively new Author?

I am a pretty much established Author who was featured in the Clewiston News Paper March of 2016 alongside my mother Mary L. Burnett-Shelton for The Books Alive book signing at the Clewiston Museum.

Do you have an established following reader group, etc?

I have a Facebook group called:

The Florida Book-Club, Writers lounge, Books, promotions, etc!

Do you have a professional book cover?

My book covers are made via Createspace which is a part of and also

Has your book, synopsis and Author biography been edited by a professional?

No I haven’t had my Author bio edited professionally, but I will say that myself and three of my family members and trusted friends have re-edited my work just in case I may have missed anything.

Do you have a professional Author image?

I have a lot of different photos so I don’t really know what you may mean by professional because I don’t have that type of money if I’m not making any money at the moment.

Has your book had a professional assessment?

No I have not had a professional assessment on my books.

Do you have a media kit for your books?

No I do not have a media kit

Are you enrolled in Kindle unlimited (only applies to Kdp select publishing)?

I’m not sure if I am enrolled in kindle unlimited, but I do publish also on

What formats is this book available in?

My books are available in paperback and kindle format.

What is your primary genre?

I do not have one particular genre

What price will your book be priced at during your promotional period with us?(ex: free, 0.99,1.99)

The minimum list price would have to be no less than 2.99 except for A children’s book to learn, color, play n search (list price is 25.99 so I’ll be able to take it down to 15.99)

How long would you like your book promoted? ( ex: 1-120 days or more)

Depending on price and if I’ll even be able to afford these services, I would like anywhere from 2 weeks- 3o days

What is your primary goal for this promotion? (Sales, reviews, audience expansion, followers etc)

My primary goal for this promotion of my work is to build my sales, audience expansion and get my name out there for people to know who I am.

Are you working with any other promotion companies at this time?

No I’m the only one promoting my work at this time.

What is your tentative budget for advertising with us?

I’m trying to find ways to make money. I only get  $22.00 every two weeks for one of my children and $59.00 every two weeks for my other child who has absence seizures and that’s my budget.

My review links are as follows:


About The Author

Lakyshia L Shelton born September 21 1988, in Pahokee fl to the parents Mary L Burnett-Shelton & Lorenzo Shelton Sr. Lakyshia was raised in Clewiston Fl. and is the youngest of her mother & father host of children and step-children!

Lakyshia loves to write and discovered that she could really do something and use her talent in 2008, however she did not self publish until 2013.

Lakyshia says the things she writes about are mostly everyday events of what we all may be going through, has seen, or has been through in life.

Lakyshia is a self published Author via which is a part of and!


About Her Books

Lakyshia has published 11 books in total so far and can be found available for purchase at the following links:

 A children’s book to learn color play and search!

A Children’s Book To Learn, Color, Play & Search is a book for kids in grade levels k-6th. This is a practice book for your children to go over at any given time. This book is full of reading, math, writing, shapes, objects, and also contains multiplication charts, division chart, understanding place values.Etc… Also this novel is filled with coloring pages, crossword, & word search puzzles.


Pick me, Color me

A children’s coloring and activity book!


It’s coloring With a Twist

Children’s coloring and/or word search


Let’s Help Each Other *Can You Relate To These Stories*

Let’s help each other *Can You Relate to These Stories* is a book about Aids, Rape, Suicide, HIV, depression, pain of betrayal, Abuse… Etc. I’m trying to reach out to the young kids and ones who may need help and trust me I’m not done yet. I take you deeply into personal feelings and emotions as your reading this novel you can actually picture what I’ve seen and dealt with. There is a lot of things people don’t want to hear about and scared to speak on, but let me be the voice to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, or is to afraid to speak for themselves. It’s time our voices be heard let come together and help make changes in the world. This is only the beginning because my vision is to go further than this novel. I want to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves… I urge to please read this novel because some of the things I express in this novel may be one to help save a life tomorrow!


Poetry Of Life: Part One & Two

1. Poetry of life poems are from different experiences, and we really hope you enjoy our hard work. Keep God ahead of your life because with him all things are possible!

2.Giving glory to God as we began our journey! You will notice some of these poems are in fact touching and downright realistic. Everything we wrote came from our souls, and to you readers so please enjoy as you read throughout our poetry pages.


Poetry Of Life: Part Three

This is a poetry book of life love and relationships. We really appreciate you for taking the time to even consider our work thank you and may God Bless


I Thought I Married a Man

Sometimes I wonder if people really believe in unconditional love!? It’s so many twists and turns to love, there’s no reason to rush it because when you are just looking for love anywhere you can, then trust me you are always going to be lost. Some people may say love doesn’t suppose to hurt, while other people may say pain is love. I feel like in the middle still learning about love. I can tell you this, if you find yourself unsure of a decision you may have made and it’s hurting you. Guess what, fix it don’t walk around like you are happy but in all reality you’re not. Love is supposed to be fun, romantic, caring, feeling and communicating. Do not get me wrong every relationship has its ups and downs, but when you find yourself arguing every other day and neither one of you is working, yes things are going to be bad but either y’all take a break and get time to better yourselves then go back and give it another shot. Because if you don’t you will find out just how I thought I married a man!


My Baby Daddy & The Family Drama That Came Along With It!

Everyone loves to talk about baby mamas and their drama! Well in my case I have baby daddy & family drama. Trisha has been going back and forth for about three years arguing with her baby daddy and his family. Trisha’s fed up with the drama and feels it’s time to speak out, especially when innocent children are being put In the middle of a grown situation. Please enjoy as you experience nothing but drama and he say she say mess.


Sex In The Strangest Places

Enter into a world of Sex in the strangest places! Enjoy as you are about to take a ride along Kitkat Island, where’s my G-spot, between my legs, and you lust inside cell block 69. Keisha and peaches love the sensation of sex in a light house, and exploring the doctor’s office. Strap up and ride along with us as you are about to read a very seductive novel about sex in the strangest places imaginable!


Sex in the air let’s get buck wild!

This book is about sex in the air, sleeping with the judge, best friend man, dildo party, three way sex, and much more. Please open your mind to enjoy this imagination of lust and ecstasy as this book gets buck wild. I really hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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