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Emmons’ debut novel The Blood Race is the first book in her YA science fiction/fantasy thriller series.

The novel follows main character Ion, a troubled teen with unusual powers which he struggles to keep concealed. Through a series of strange occurrences, and a run-in with Hawk, the beautiful, mysterious, yet savage girl next door, Ion involuntarily stumbles headlong into an extra dimension—a secret reality that’s been hidden since the beginning of time; one that was made especially to protect and train teenagers with the abilities he possesses—”anomalies”.

A secret place of intense training, hidden from humanity and created to defeat a rising darkness which a prophecy declares could swallow future earth.
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there’s a beautiful phrase: raison d’être. and it means “the most important reason or purpose for someone or something’s existence.” you could say that those two, simple and melodic words are what get me out of bed in the morning.
all my friends call me kate. i believe that words are more than words; they are sticks of tnt waiting to be lit, and i believe that about you too. yep, you, sitting there with your chin in your hand squinting at the bright screen. you were made for big big things. and if the world were a park, i hope this blog is like a monument standing in the middle. the kind that makes you stop and read the plaque, because it would read: you matter. your story, your song, your project, your goal, dream, passion – they matter.
i have a raison d’être, and you do to. and this blog exists as a reminder of the fact; to cheer you on, help you remember, and better equip you to stay strong and keep your chin up as you run faster and faster with that pen, paintbrush, light-saber, or other preferred weapon of mass construction. there’s never been a better time to bless the world with your dream – realized.
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when i’m not blogging, you can find me tucked away in the Vermont mountains writing my series The Blood Race, contributing to BURNING YOUTH, doing volunteer work for a non-profit i co-founded called Blue Freedom (we made a film, guys, check it out!), or planning our next surf trip/backpacking adventure with my US Airman husband. if you’re curious about my series, click either of the covers below, or, click here and I’ll send you the first 9 chapter of book one. (just bc i think you’re cool).

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