My Review Of Swindler & Son By Ted Krever

What happens to a confidence man once he’s lost his confidence? Nothing good. 

After years of selling legendary fakes to well-heeled clients in Paris, Nicky Sandler’s luck has run dry. His new wife wants out, his partner is collapsing from dementia—a fatal flaw in a conman—and the anti-terrorism squad is camped outside his window.

Swindler & Son is the story of a man with a gift for larceny, forced against his will to try to do the right thing.

Since I have been reviewing books, I have always been honest when writing them. So I have to be honest here with Swindler & Son by Ted Krever. I couldn’t even make it half way through the book. I felt like I was starting to understand the book and then bam, it was like it went out into left field. 
I picked it up and tried to get through it a few times, but unfortunately I had to just give up. It was way too off beat for me. I was offered this book by the Author for an honest review. 

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