The Atlantis Deception By Mark Jackson #Book Tour


Author: Mark H. Jackson

Publisher: Unbound Digital

Pages: 288

Genre: Adventure/Thriller

A German property developer, Hans Hoffmann, revels in the belief he
has discovered the key to unleashing the weapon responsible for sinking
Atlantis. Hoffmann requests the help of Cambridge archaeologist, Dr John
Hunter to validate his mysterious find. Hunter’s acceptance leads the
maverick academic on a journey from the headquarters of a clandestine
organisation in England, to a lost city in the heart of the Brazilian
Rainforest, and climaxes inside a chamber hidden deep beneath Egyptian
Heliopolis. Pioneering theory is spliced by epic battles, daring
escapes, and elaborate schemes aimed at unravelling a secret history
hidden from humanity for the past twelve thousand years.Atlantis is a very visual word. A word evoking mystery, forgotten
realms, underwater palaces… the list goes on. I find this Plato inspired
concept of Atlantis fascinating and read anything and everything I can
lay my hands on. The theories are diverse and range from the feasible to
the outlandish, but certain concepts keep reoccurring. The Atlantis
Deception takes the ideas of accepted and alternative theory, weaving
them together to create a believable universe where our past still
dictates our future.The novel follows the trials and tribulations of a fictional
Cambridge academic, Dr John Hunter. The focus is not on Atlantis itself,
but rather on what happened to its people it the wake of the loss of
their homeland. The Atlantis Deception is a classic action adventure
tale with heroes, villains, shadowy organisations and self-serving
plots, each underpinned by progressive archaeological theory. The novel
is written with the aim of both exciting and making readers think in
equal measure. Although imagined, many of the conclusions the characters
reach are cutting edge and described in such a way so as to blur the
line between fact and fiction.



Lindow Moss Bog, December 43 CE
Teetering on the edge of unconsciousness, Caratacus squirmed as
a pair of coarse hands pulled and tugged at his robes. Death was
inevitable, yet still he managed a flicker of a smile. These men would
never find what they sought.
He grimaced as a heavy hobnail sandal connected with his ribcage,
the blow hard enough to flip him over and onto his back. He blinked
and opened his eyes to find his chubby, chinless assailant peering
down at him.
The Roman wrapped his pristine, cream-coloured sagum tighter
around his chest to shut out the cold wind. He looked nothing like
the brutish military commanders Caratacus typically dealt with. The
man’s regal air of arrogance and contempt for the soldiers around
him made it clear he was a Roman of importance. It was an arrogance
only men of unimaginable wealth and power could ever hope to
wield with success, particularly amongst a group of Praetorian guards.
Caratacus sensed the Roman’s gaze rake his naked body; the man’s
tight lips and beady eyes radiated a general air of cruelty which sent
a chill coursing through the captured priest. His muscles twitched,
tense in anticipation of what might follow. He broke eye contact and
cleared his mind, attempting to relax. He wasn’t far from death and
rule dictated he must embrace the moment.
‘You are a hard man to track down, Druid,’ sneered the stranger.
‘Or would you prefer I call you by your official title – Gatekeeper?’
He paused, giving Caratacus time to digest the significance of this
revelation. ‘You seem calm for a man on his way to Pluto’s realm. Do
you not recognise me, priest?’
Caratacus puffed his cheeks and spat blood at the man’s feet, regretting
it as a wave of pain surged through his earthly body.
The Roman’s eyes narrowed to slits. He stepped clear of the blood and
raised a foot, mashing his muddy sandal deep into Caratacus’ wounded
shoulder. ‘I am Claudius, Emperor of Rome, and conqueror of your
pathetic island race.’ Claudius hesitated before continuing, his eyes narrowing
in hope of at least a flicker of recognition. ‘Well? Have you nothing
to say? It is not every day you chance upon a living god.’
Caratacus screwed up his eyes as another hobnail boot connected
with his nether regions and a thick-fingered fist smashed into his jaw.
‘Show respect, barbarian,’ barked a Praetorian. An excruciating bolt
of pain shot through him and he rolled back onto his side. He retched
and coughed blood through his shattered jaw, wincing as he realised
it was no longer attached to his skull. Between his legs he saw the soldier
shrink away, fearful of his emperor’s reaction. ‘Sir, I’m not sure if
he can speak.’
‘Praetorian, your orders were to deliver this man unharmed. Is this
unharmed, stulte?’ The Praetorian shook his head and edged beyond
the range of Claudius’ sword. ‘What good is he if he cannot speak?’
Caratacus groaned as the heavyset emperor straddled his chest, barely
registering the pain as Claudius slapped his cheek. He tried to resist,
but the effort was futile. He gagged, choking on the blood coagulating
in his throat. The light of the day faded to pinpricks. Death was
close. Caratacus’ heart stuttered as darkness enveloped him, beating its
final beat as he surrendered himself to God.
‘Where have you put it, Gatekeeper?’ said Claudius. ‘Tell me now or
by Jupiter I swear I’ll…’
The priest’s head lolled, all life draining from his once-bright eyes.
The Praetorians glanced at one another uneasily, each of them aware
the Druid lay dead between their Emperor’s thighs. Claudius cursed
and shoved the body aside, watching with morbid interest as the battered
body sank into a puddle of its own muddied blood. Killing the
man was not part of the plan; well, at least not before he’d extracted a
The Emperor thrust out a hand and one of his men pulled him to his feet.
‘Cut his throat and bury him in the bog.’ He clenched his fists. ‘Then find
his belongings. Find them, or I’ll order you buried with him.’


Mark H. Jackson is a qualified solicitor who splits his time between
protecting the rights of academics, writing thriller fiction and raising
five mostly lovely children. He studied Archaeology and Ancient History
at the University of Birmingham with a nod towards alternative theory,
focusing on the relationship of Giza complex to the stars; portolan
maps; and the origins of civilisation and religion. It was within this
flame the plots for his future novels were born.Mark’s writing career extends back over a decade and his diverse
portfolio includes three novels, a number of short stories and even a
six-part sitcom. Long listed for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, he
is currently a featured author on the popular writing website, Wattpad,
with over 6,000 followers from all around the world and well over one
million reads of his first novel. Aside from Wattpad, Mark is an active
member on a number of other writing websites, spending his spare time
offering editorial and structural advice to fellow authors. Up to now
Mark has considered writing as a creative outlet for the myriad of
characters and ideas roaming about his head. The time has come to tease
them out of hiding and breathe a little life into their lungs.His latest book is the adventure/thriller The Atlantis Deception.Website Link: Link: Link:

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