Drewsilla the Shelter Puppy by Karen Carew Oakes #Book Tour

Author: Karen Carew Oakes
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Pages: 22
Genre: Children’s Picture Book

When Drewsilla and her siblings are tiny puppies, an accident steals
their mother away. A kind stranger rescues them and takes them to a
shelter, where the staff works around the clock to care for the pack of
newborns. Soon, her brothers and sisters begin to thrive. Drewsilla has a
beautiful black coat, intelligent eyes, and ears that stand straight

Drewsilla, though, is scared. She seems afraid of everyone and
everything and hides in the back of her cage when families come to
visit. As her friendly siblings each get adopted, lonely Drewsilla
remains. The staff even worries that she might never find a home. Then,
one day, something amazing happens.

The Johnsons come to the shelter to look at another dog and see
Drewsilla, who miraculously finds the courage to stop hiding and say
hello. All shelter dogs deserve the chance to find a loving family, and
this is the true story of Drewsilla — how she overcomes her fears, finds
her family, and gets a second chance at a happy life.






Then one day, the Johnson’s came to the shelter. They had
looked on the shelter website for available dogs they wanted to see.  Drewsilla, was not one of them.

It just so happened that they would have to pass directly in front of Drewsilla’s cage. As they passed something amazing happened.

Drewsilla came to the front, stood on her hind legs, poked her nose out of the bars, and begged for attention. Mrs. Johnson bent over to see her.

It was love at first sight. The Johnson’s asked to open the cage so they could see her.





Karen Carew Oakes, has been writing for many years and her articles
have been included in the Lutheran Advent, as well as an article in
several magazines. She is a mother and grandmother. She lives in
Helotes, Texas with her two schnauzers Ella and Mackenzie. Her stories
are based on true experiences her children encountered growing up.Visit her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/karencarewoakes.

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One thought on “Drewsilla the Shelter Puppy by Karen Carew Oakes #Book Tour

  1. Sometimes you have to wait for the right folks to show up and that’s what she did. Sounds like a delightful read. I always love a happy ending.

    Have a fabulous day, Jody. Hugs and I love you bunches. ♥