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Buried in the Stacks: A Haunted Library Mystery
by Allison Brook

About the Buried in the Stacks

Buried in the Stacks: A Haunted Library Mystery
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Crooked Lane Books (September 10, 2019)
Hardcover: 320 pages
ISBN-10: 1643851381
ISBN-13: 978-1643851389
Digital ASIN: B07NKPTL81

Librarian Carrie Singleton is building a haven, but one of her neighbors is misbehavin’. Can resident spirit Evelyn help Carrie catch the culprit who made her a ghost?

In winter, the Haunted Library is a refuge for homeless townspeople. When a group purchases a vacant house to establish a daytime haven for the homeless, Carrie offers the library as a meeting place for the Haven House committee, but quickly learns that it may be used for illegal activities.

As the new Sunshine Delegate, Carrie heads to the hospital to visit her cantankerous colleague, Dorothy, who had fallen outside the local supermarket. She tells Carrie that her husband tried to kill her–and that he murdered her Aunt Evelyn, the library’s resident ghost, six years earlier.

And then Dorothy is murdered–run off the road as soon as she returns to work. Evelyn implores Carrie to find her niece’s killer, but that’s no easy task: Dorothy had made a hobby of blackmailing her neighbors and colleagues. Carrie, Evelyn, and Smoky Joe the cat are on the case, but are the library cards stacked against them?

~ Character Guest Post ~

All About Carrie Singleton

Hello, Everyone. My name is Carrie Singleton. I am the head of programs and events of the Clover Ridge Library in Clover Ridge, CT. I am thirty years old. These days I am happy, with a fulfilling job and a boyfriend I adore. I’m surrounded by friends and relatives, and have my furry feline, Smoky Joe, who is also the library cat.

But for many years my life was far from rosy. My father, a thief by trade, was rarely home. My mother, who was not very maternal, divorced my father and eventually remarried and went to live in Hollywood with her young actor husband. My older brother, whom I adored, died in a car accident in his early twenties. After college, I got a degree in library science but never spent more than a year in any one place for the next seven years. My happiest memories were of the summers my brother and I spent at my father’s family farm outside of Clover Ridge. I was at a low point in my life when I asked my great uncle and aunt, who had sold the farm and were living in a vintage house on the Green in town, if I could stay with them for a while. Aunt Harriet and Uncle Bosco welcomed me into their home and their lives.

I almost didn’t take the job I love so much. For several months I’d been working in the library, doing little more than re-shelving returns when I’d decided it was time to move on. That’s when Sally, the library director, offered me the position of head of programs and events. I opened my mouth to refuse her offer, when a voice advised me not to be foolish, but to tell Sally I’d think about it. And that’s how I met Evelyn Havers. That is, the ghost of Evelyn Havers.

Evelyn was an older woman who had worked in the library for many years. She’d died seven years earlier while falling on the ice in the library parking lot. Everyone including Evelyn thought that it had been an accident, but in BURIED IN THE STACKS readers discover what really happened that night. Besides me, my four-year-old cousin Tacey is the only other person who can see and speak to Evelyn. 

Evelyn and I have become fast friends. Aside from offering me practical advice, she often helps me investigate murders. How I keep getting involved in homicide investigations is beyond me. Actually, there’s always a personal connection. As when my very first guest, a lovely retired homicide detective, came to speak about a homicide case he hadn’t solved when he was on the force but he’d finally discovered the identity of the murderer. Poor Al Buckley was talking about the victim when he keeled over and died, right in front of his audience. You can read all about it in DEATH OVERDUE.

Evelyn is not always forthcoming about sharing what she knows. She holds back important information if it reflects poorly on herself or her relatives. Her niece, Dorothy, is the reference librarian. Dorothy is a bitter, unpleasant woman. She dislikes me in particular because she felt she should have gotten my job. But enough about 

Dorothy. You can read about her in DEATH OVERDUE, READ AND GONE, and BURIED IN THE STACKS.

My life is filled with wonderful people—Dylan, my boyfriend, who’s a private investigator; my great aunt and uncle; my best friend Angela, who’s about to get married; John and Sylvia Mathers, our police chief and his wife. And Smoky Joe, of course, the half-grown gray cat with a bushy tail that simply showed up outside my cottage one morning. He jumped into my car as I was about to leave for work. I couldn’t leave him in the car all day and so I brought him into the library. Surprisingly, he proved to be a friendly, people-loving cat. Smoky Joe plays a big part in READ AND GONE.

About Allison Brook

Allison Brook is the pseudonym for Marilyn Levinson, who writes mysteries, romantic suspense, and novels for kids. She lives on Long Island and enjoys traveling, reading, watching foreign films, doing Sudoku and dining out. She especially loves to visit with her grandchildren on FaceTime.

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  1. This sounds like a very good book, I love the cover! I would love to read it, so i will be adding it to my TBR list. Have a Great rest of the week. God Bless you.

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