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Book Review of *The Kiminee Dream* by Laura McHale Holland @lauramchh

The Kiminee Dream by Laura McHale Holland

Odd things happen in Kiminee, Illinois. Lilacs bloom in winter. Gravel glows golden on occasion. Pigs play kick the can. So when Carly Mae Foley learns to read at age two and masters multiplication at age three, the town’s quirky, tight-knit denizens take it in stride and embrace her with pride. But when a terrible twister tears through, Carly Mae is maimed, dashing hopes for her future. Her father is swept away and assumed dead. And her mother slinks off after creeping, naked, with her lover from the remains of a ruined home. It’s up to Carly Mae’s grandmother and a devoted, one-eared dog to hold what’s left of the family together. But not everyone is rooting for them, and when an unspeakable crime occurs, long-held animosities boil over. Will the good folks of Kiminee pull closer together now–or be torn apart?

Influenced by folklore and magical realism, The Kiminee Dream is a lyrical story with characters equally charmed and challenged while living where the ordinary and miraculous coexist seamlessly. If you like depth as well as whimsy, arresting twists, and details that rouse your senses, you’ll love what is both an eloquent exploration of acceptance and a tender tribute to the people of Illinois.


Whether penning stories long or short, true or untrue, I
strive to stir people’s emotions and find hope in unlikely places. I thrive on
following my imagination and encouraging others to do the same. Inspired by the
freedom and power found in today’s independent publishing community, I formed
tiny company through
which I’ve released several award-winning books. An avid fan of story
performance, I also enjoy freeing stories from the printed (or digital) page.


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My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I appreciated the small-town 60s vibe and the multitude of
characters, but for me, that was about it. The numerous storylines became perplexing
and it began to drag on near the end of the book. This was a satisfactory
debut, but an author with abundant potential.

I would like to thank Laura for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 

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