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Book Tour Featuring *Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter* by L.M. Mountford @AuthLMMountford @sdsxxtours #giveaway

Join Us For This Tour from Sept 11 to Oct 11, 2020

Temptations: The Babysitter

L.M. Mountford

Dark Romance, Erotica 

temptations are just too sweet to resist…

Martin’s life was only just starting to come back together, then she
opened the door in that damn little black robe that shows off plenty
of leg, and every curve.

Rebecca Blaire, the girl from downstairs. His babysitter.

every man’s fantasy, a big doe-eyed nymph, as beautiful as she is

fruit in every sense of the word.

she desperately needs his help, before her abusive father comes home
and beats her black and blue.

knew he should just walk away. It wasn’t any of his business really, 
and nothing good could come from going through that door, but then…

temptations are just too sweet to resist.

Temptations: The Babysitter is the original debut from the Lord of
Lust, L.M. Mountford, a sizzling tale of lust and temptation that
will ignite your ereader and leave you panting for more as it follows
a modern man’s journey across the Rubicon.

all the Sylvia Day but only some of the drama of Bridget Jones, Sweet
Temptations is one you don’t want to miss.

new edition includes a sneak peek of its long-awaited sequel, The
Boss’s Daughter. 

Sale for only .99 cents!!**

self-confessed Tiger fanatic, L.M. Mountford was born and raised in
England, first in the town of Bridgwater, Somerset, before later
moving to the city of Gloucester where he currently resides. A fully
qualified and experienced scuba diver, he has traveled across Europe
and Africa diving wrecks and seeing the wonders of the world.

the tour
for special content and a giveaway!

Amazon gift card, Signed Book of choice from L.M. Mountford – 1
winner each

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