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Book Tour Featuring *You Owe Me* by Ja’Nese Dixon @janesedixon @sdsxxtours #giveaway


Join us for this tour from Oct 08 to Nov 08, 2020! 

Owe Me

Ja’Nese Dixon

Romantic Suspense

find my sister he demands my heart.

fills every room with her presence. Turning her beautiful smiles
toward everyone except me. The man she holds responsible for her
brother’s death.

her sister disappears, Jerica’s world turns upside down and leads
her to my lair. The place where darkness dwells and no one receives
my help without a substantial fee.

agree to return her sister or the men responsible. But my fee can’t
be found in her bank account. No, her money won’t do. Because I
want something worth more than her little nest egg. 

want her heart.

Today Bestselling author, Ja’Nese Dixon pens tales of romance
in various subgenres, including romantic suspense and sweet romance.
But her favorites are the ones that manage to keep readers sitting on
the edge of their seats lying to themselves about reading “just one
more chapter”.

She is an avid
reader and coffee drinker living in Houston, Texas with her husband,
three children, and diva dog. Visit her at

the tour
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