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Mother For Christmas

Jackie Weger

Women’s Fiction, Christmas Romance

Davenport is on a deadline. He has thirty days — Christmas Eve, to
be exact — to remodel a St. Augustine Victorian house, or the owner
will put it back on the market. Not a good time for Decker’s
decorator to take off on a honeymoon, leaving him with Annalise
Owens, a stand-in with a malaise he isn’t privy to.

as he watches Annalise work miracles on the house and his daughter,
he realizes the two of them have bonded in some ethereal way, as if
they’ve always known each other.

Christmas Eve approaches, Decker still sees the curious malaise in
Annalise’s eyes. A haunting that even his kiss can’t take away. What
secret does the new woman in his house possess? And will learning
Annalise’s secret brings him and his daughter joy, or tear their world

readers are saying about Jackie’s books:

Weger’s writing style is honest and down-to-earth. Her characters are
well developed, realistic, and draw you in quickly.” — Big Al’s
Books and Pals Reviewer

Weger writes fluently, understandably, makes it flow with pitch and
power.” — Read Along with Sue

Weger is a gem. I found her writing very unique and comfortable and
so annoyingly beautiful.” — Coffeeholic Bookworm

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novelist Jackie Weger, is a traveler of the good earth by foot, bus,
canoe, sloop, mule, train, plane, and pickup. But usually she only
gets as far as Walmart. After family, and writing, destination travel
is tops on her wish list. Says, Weger: “I like to get to a
place, unpack once and spend time meeting natives, sampling the food,
and learning about their lives and habits–whether in Appalachia or a
tiny jungle village. I enjoy sitting in grand cathedrals and on park
benches. I’m awed by magnificent architecture, frescoes, and stone
reliefs. I’m just as awed walking on a beach at dusk, picking up sea
glass washed by a thousand seas or spying a fallen star. I hoard my
friends and fans and am often humbled by their kindness.” Asked
what she wants most in life, Weger says: “A cave, a candle, and a
good book.”

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