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and the Unwashed Child of Eve

Angela Stevens

Historical Fantasy

childless couple’s lives are changed forever by the miraculous
discovery of a little girl entombed in ice on the Langjökull

A bleak Christmas Eve night is made all the more pitiful by the recent death of a baby. Having buried five stillborn girls in shallow
graves next to the croft, Rebekka becomes captivated by a
storyteller’s tale of the Icelandic hidden people.


will do anything to restore his wife’s happiness, even if it means
encouraging her decline into madness. But when the impossible
fairytale turns into a reality, the couple’s impulsive decision to
foster the child from the ice, is met with fear and superstition, and
threatens the well-being of the whole farmstead.


and the Unwashed Child of Eve is an enchanting and compelling story
of desperation and need. Reminiscent of The Snow Child and The Secret
of Lost Stones, it’s painfully human, yet full of hope,
unconditional love, and magic.


you enjoy the magical realism of Melissa Payne and the charming fairy
tale style of Ruth Hogan then you will fall in love with Angela
Stevens’s lyrical and emotional storytelling.

.99 cents until Dec 7th!!**

Stevens is an Amazon International Bestselling Romance Author. She
also writes Contemporary fantasy and magical realism under her pen
name Sadie Collins

steamy romance novel, Nolan’s Resolution, from the highly popular
multi-author series, ‘After Hurricane Nina’, hit #1 New Release
on Amazon in America, Canada, and the UK.

5 book debut series, Hockey Punk, is a sports romance series set
around her adopted town near DC and revolves around her favorite
sport of ice hockey. Writing in both contemporary romance and
contemporary fantasy genres, Angela portrays gritty characters with
emotionally charged plots and is not afraid to tackle difficult
social issues in her fiction. If you pick up one of her romances, you
may have to order an extra supply of tissues, but Angela Stevens will
always deliver you a HEA and some smoldering hot scenes to get you

2020 Angela Stevens rebranded her Fantasy collection and put them
under a new pen name–Sadie Collins.

Collins writes contemporary fantasy. The emphasis is on character and
emotion and she has a fascination with folklore and bending the what

six-book Vargr Clan Series combines Lycan myth and Native American

and the Unwashed Child of Eve is a new venture into a new genre, and
Angela and Sadie argued as to who should get their name on the front
cover. Ultimately, Angela won out, as she claimed that Sadie did not
exist when she first wrote the book. Sadie is still sulking, and at
some time in the future, there may be a mutiny. In all honesty, this
book might need a third pen name, but it came down to the fact that
Angela already has more than she can handle without splitting her
personality further. If only Angela could pull off a stunt like
Finnboga in the story, and cleave herself in two, the ‘team’
could be twice as efficient.

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