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A Beauty So Cruel
Beena Khan
(Beauty & The Beast #1)
Publication date: February 14th, 2021
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

I was a beauty, a stray orphan until the beast took me as his hostage.

Once upon a time…
A Don by the name of Vlad Vitalli ruled New York. He’s a mafia man. The leader of one of the ruling families, La Cosa Nostra. He’s a monster. A trained killer and a cold-blooded murderer. Tall, mysterious, with icy gray eyes, and he rarely smiles. His smile was made to fool any girl. He’s ruthless, cold, dangerous, and wants to kill me.

I was the wrong person at the wrong time.
Just an innocent at the masquerade ball. The mafia has rules: no witnesses left behind. To save my life, I made a deal with the beast. I handed myself to the cruelest man in the kingdom.

For him, It was supposed to be an easy kill. I’m an orphan raised in poverty. No one would have missed me. Just as the Don Vlad was about to order the hit, I threw off my masquerade mask, revealing my face, and offered myself to him. One look and I was doomed. He took me as his hostage. His captive. He didn’t know by taking me, Dahlia Hadid, he sealed his own fate.

Welcome to New York’s Underworld.
Loosely based on the fairytale.

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“Are you afraid of me?”

It was kind of hard not to be, in front of a mafia don.

I didn’t answer and stayed still. Hopefully, he would stop asking me.

“I’ve said it before Dahlia, I don’t like repeating myself. I should have put you down already. You’re lucky you are still alive.” His voice was stern and aloof. It was the first time he’d spoken my name out loud. I tried not to like how it came out of his mouth.

“I’m not telling you,” I replied in defiance.

I looked up and a small smirk played on his lips.

“All I asked was for you to beg me.”

“And I said no,” I whispered, my breath landing on his lips.

He became still, looking deep into my eyes. I wished he would look away. It was hypnotic. His breathing was heavier and soon we were breathing the same air.

“How hard is it to say the word, please?” he murmured.

Oh. That’s what he wanted?

Please Vlad,” I said softly.

It was the first time I’d spoken his name.

“You’re so pretty when you beg.”

My eyes widened.

Then, something changed.

He dropped his arms and stepped away from me.

Author Bio:

Beena Khan writes literary fiction and edgy, contemporary romance. She 27 years old and lives in New York. She’s from Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, an immigrant who moved to New York when she was five years old. She currently holds a Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology. She enjoys reading, writing, and netflixing. The Name of Red is her debut novel published at the age of 26. All of her books are on Kindle Unlimited + Free Novella!

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