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A Divine Conspiracy
(A Divine Conspiracy #1)
By Tom Bruner
Christian Young Adult Fiction
Paperback & ebook, 297 Pages
February 15, 2021

It’s a new world for the first fifty, ever-created, Angels.

They have been brought to life for one reason. To fight evil. But no one knows what evil is or where it’s going to come from. The story takes place in Heaven another newly created estate, under construction as the Angels begin training, under the watchful eye of the Archangel, Michael, to become Guardians on a yet to be created planet called Earth. Heaven is something to behold. The Angels are mystified as they take their first tour through the new city. Incredible architecture (Skyscrapers made of seashells and white sand), birds of every color (Golden Eagles), and a city made of libraries (For those who like to read), are just a few of the sights the Angel’s experience.
We follow Adlay, one of the Angels, from his first breath, through extensive physical training, his Humanities class with Jesus, and his Worship class with a beautiful Angel named Lucifer, who immediately gives Adlay a foreboding feeling. The Angels work hard for months to improve and graduate from training. Adlay excels above everybody else in training but quickly discovers Lucifer is planning something. What he finds out, makes him question if he actually knows what is right or wrong. As the Angels near their big day, Adlay must make a difficult choice. Does he care only about graduating and moving on or does he risk everything to discover if Lucifer and evil are synonymous.

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God was intrigued with the idea. He had been pondering the inspiration for some time. Like any decision, there were ramifications to be considered. On one hand, life as he knew it could remain as it was. God didn’t need anything or anybody; he was complete by nature. Life for him would be the same as it had been from the beginning of the beginning, perfect.

On the other hand, God was a creator. He was THE Creator. He needed to create. The positive was that whatever he made would be brilliant. The negative was if he were to create a universe, humanity, and all that goes with it, a good number of people would not be receptive to him, either by their nature or choice. In the end, those people couldn’t be with him in Heaven when they passed. He could not coexist with sin. So, by creating them, he knew in the end, it would be a life without Him after they died. Even though it was their choice, it was worth considering.

To avoid this, He thought briefly about not giving man free will. Everybody created would love him and spend eternity with him. It would be in their DNA. But in the end, he realized, these people would not be fully living beings; nothing more than programmed robots. He wouldn’t force anyone to love him; it was not his nature.

God ultimately decided that he would offer everybody the option to love him or not. It would be apparent that anybody who wanted to find him would.

You would have to intentionally not want to see God in the stars, the sky, nature, or the ocean. He would make everything that obvious.

He wanted his people to love him. Not that he needed their love to be happy. He knew that when mankind loved Him, they were being who they were created to be and therefore would live more fulfilling lives. He would create them with a yearning to have a relationship with Him.

Instantly, he saw all that would transpire from beginning to end. From the inception of the first star to the destruction of the last molecule, he knew what would come to pass.

I will love my people, he thought. God made his choice.

Inspiration hit Him one last time.

I will make the reward for believing in me far beyond what anyone could ask or think.

Yes, God thought, that would be good. 

Excerpted from A Divine Conspiracy by Tom Bruner. Copyright © Tom Bruner.

About the Author

Tom Bruner appreciates books. Over one thousand read. Really. Growing up in Southern California, Tom has had a passion for reading books since his early teens. It’s all about the story is what he believes. Tired of the same vanilla spoonful every time he opened a Christian Fiction book, he decided to write, A Divine Conspiracy. This book is set in the newly created estate of Heaven. It tells the story of the creation and training of the first Angels ever to be. We follow Adlay, a newly created Angel from his first breath, through physical training and classes with Jesus and Lucifer until the day Heaven falls apart. It packs a punch. There is not a dull moment.

Tom considers taking a motley group of boys from the 7th grade through the graduation of high school with Lifegroup a church program to be his greatest accomplishment so far. That and U.S. Air Force Basic Training. That and fraternity initiation. Oh, and running a marathon without training. The boys and Tom met once a week throughout each school year. Spending six years with the same boys going through that period of their life a great adventure. Tom, an avid Christian, volunteers on Sundays at his church in the junior high ministry. Please pray for him.
Tom is a Southern California guy through and through. He loves the beach and writing books. A Divine Conspiracy is the first book in a trilogy. Tom hopes to have the second book out in six months.

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  1. I’m drawn toward books about angels and the afterlife so this seems like a good fit for me and I look forward to reading. I’ve added to my Goodreads TBR pile. Bonnie W.