Interview With Author Lakyshia Shelton

Do you have a complete author platform? I have a web page called: I also have social media accounts: Author Lakyshia Shelton Email address: What is my brand signature as an author? I would have to say being a young mother of two sons and struggling to […]

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From The Desk Of Author Kellie McAllen

What is it about vampires that’s so compelling?  The legend has been around for centuries, but stories about vampires still excite people.  I know some of my favorite books, shows, and movies are about vampires – The Vampire Diaries, the Vampire Academy series, the Sookie Stackhouse series and True Blood, Anne Rice’s books, the Twilight […]

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Destined For Love Romances

Hey there! There’s something about a mansion that instantly evokes romance, and that’s why it was the perfect destination for our second collection!   Kiss Me in the Rain by Lindzee Armstrong Cypress Grove Mansion, a treasured constant in Layla’s perfect life, will be sold to the highest bidder if she doesn’t date an investor’s […]

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