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I’m All About Books Hosted Giveaway Rules

1. I’m All About Books is not responsible for preparing your giveaway/s, you are.

2. I’m All About Books is not responsible for getting the giveaway/s to the winner, you are.

3. I’m All About Books is not responsible for giveaway/s being lost in transit, nor will I’m All About Books mediate between the owner of the giveaway/s and the winner.

4. Please make sure you post all rules, if it INT or US, how they enter, etc. If it is a Rafflecopter giveaway it is your responsibility to get the link put on your giveaway/s, or send the code along with your giveaway/s.

5. I’m All About Books is in no way responsible for taking care of your giveaway/s, for instance when you know that your giveaway/s is going to end you need to be on top of picking your winner, and getting in touch with them.

6. Please state on ALL giveaways how the person entering your giveaway/s will be able to get in touch with you, if there is an issue or if they have a question. If you do not post a way for the winner to get in touch with you, I’m All About Books will not host your giveaway/s.

7. In no way, shape or form is I’m All About Books going to be responsible for any and all hosted giveaways, no matter what! Please contact the owner of that particular giveaway/s.

8. If any of these rules are not followed I’m All About Books has the right to refuse to host your giveaway/s.