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One of my earliest books that I wrote when I was young

This weekend I’m running a sale on one of my earliest books. As a reader I sometimes love the early books of authors because they have the heart of the story that the author wants to tell. And I loved Greek Mythology since I was a freshman in high school and took a class on all the myths. One of the best classes offered at Catholic high school where we talked about ancient societies and ancient myths and why myths were important.

And one of the myths that always struck me as being underplayed was the story of Theseus. Yes he fought the minotaur but it was about a young man whose finding out he’s the son of a king (possibly Zeus’ child as that’s always the backup in all the myths.) And Ariadne, his eventual wife, played in my head since high school. So that’s a long time and this story played out in my head for a long time. When I wrote this novel, I was just writing from the heart and not necessarily ‘to market’ to anyone else. Now as an author, I seriously want to rewrite the entire thing and erase everything. It’s the artist in me who thinks I can probably do it better now. But then that’s usually the struggle, and honestly i’m not going to rewrite as I prefer to work on my 2019 offerings to you. (I love the story I’ll finish this weekend and I hope you love the new series too.)

So this weekend if you’re in the mood to relive a Greek Myth and ignore any movie you saw (except perhaps the 90s Hercules and Xena TV shows as those also influenced me alot for this one.)

Oh and there is a sequel to this book out that I don’t talk about. A publisher bought the rights. I’ve never received a dime for that book though so I’m waiting for the contract to ride out, get my right back and then tell you more about the one other greek myth I wrote.

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From The Desk Of Author Victoria Pinder 06-19-18

A second enthralling box set of royal romance: Sworn to marry, three handsome nobles find love with the women they least expect – from a chance encounter with a tourist to his tom boy best friend!

Forbidden Duke 

The story is like Under the Tuscan Sun goes to Cinderella’s Royal Ball

Forbidden Earl 

Remy must find a bride and hires the Royal matchmaker, only to get denied. Cassidy’s former childhood best friend will never be the one. However his grandmother’s dying wish puts them on a collision course.

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From The Desk Of Author Victoria Pinder

Forbidden Monsieur is this weekend’s secret sale

Lady Chelsea Bright is many things, but a romantic is not one of them. With her family in dire straits, she must marry a wealthy suitor to ensure their security, but that means she’ll have to sacrifice her art and travel to Paris to meet Duc Astorre Manfredi, and never submit her art for a showing that was set up for her.

Alexandre Travers has one goal in mind – to rebuild his family’s vineyard in the South of France. That means he must concentrate his efforts on producing the best grapes possible and completely rebranding the organization because there’s no room for error. The last thing he needs is distractions, but that’s exactly what he gets when a distracted driver crashes her car on his property and destroys all his hard work.

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From The Desk Of Author Victoria Pinder 06-03-18

Forbidden Duke is on sale for 99 cents this weekend only for my subscribers!

First I wanted to share my 22 month is already a kindle owner. Scary, no? I swore no electronics, but it has so much for children.  And parenting realities trump pre-parenting idealism. I thought about an iPad as my husband and I love ours, but the 22 month old isn’t exactly gentle. And Amazon offers free returns for 2 years on the kids edition so we went with a kindle. However she is surely frustrated with the lack of swiping and missing the home screen. Hopefully she gets used to how the kindle works fast.

Tempting Gabe came out right when I figured out I was pregnant and changed all my book publishing plans so I had books to release during the ‘I might not be writing’ months of a new born, so the rest of the series I delayed. However I’m excited to report I’m almost done writing the next Morgan book about Pilar Soliz for my Christmas story. I’m so excited about this as honestly I wasn’t sure I would write and I did take 2 weeks off, but this is much bigger than the novella I planned. She’s getting a book.
And in writing I feel like I went back to a sort of normal though now I have two children running around at home. (Okay the newborn doesn’t run. She just stares at me with her cute blue for now eyes.)

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From The Desk Of Author Victoria Pinder 05-08-18

Tempting James and Forbidden Monsieur are this month!

I should mention first and foremost my due date was May 6th. By the time you read this, I may have had my own baby or not. I wrote this ahead of time, just in case. Once I am home, I’ll share one photo as I’ve talked so much about this journey with all of you.

Why is it family never sees how you grow or change? No matter what we accomplish in life, to your siblings and your parents we can be stuck in a pattern for years and years and years. On a personal note, I’m the responsible oldest child. I call home and my mom and dad will launch into ways I can help my other siblings or them, because again I’m the oldest so it’s my job to always be the helper. I don’t mind. I love both my sisters, my brother, my parents, but I also love my husband and my daughters. So my help needs to be wanted by the other party these days and not just because my mom asked me to do something.

Anyhow this is the feeling that really gets Scarlett Hawke. Sure there is a serious threat against her family. Someone is out to kill all of them and she takes that seriously. However she is also determined to not let this crazy person into her life that she’s building. She refuses to take her father’s money and goes to get investors to help her grow her all organic makeup company that’s already growing on its own. And if she needs a temporary husband to help her achieve her goal and not use her family’s coffers, then she’ll do it. When she met James Clancy, she was absolutely sure he was perfectly poor and perfect for her plans.


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From The Desk Of Author Victoria Pinder 05-07-18

Favorite Scandal is on sale for 99 cents EVERYWHERE and for the US Amazon readers you get an opportunity to get Secret Baby on sale!

Returning For Valentine’s

Eva Bishop is one of those hard to get to know but once you know her past, you get her. She also has a heart of gold that she buries under all her hardness because she’s been hurt. So while Penny might not have understood Eva, the truth is Eva isn’t a real bad girl. She just doesn’t let people in to trust.

She dates the wrong guys, constantly, but it’s a way to stay safe. The last wrong guy ended up leaving her pregnant. However Eva is determined to give her unborn daughter whatever she can, even if right now she’s dirt poor with no decent place to live or even furniture.

So when Brandon Campbell, a former guy from high school whose now one of the hottest Hollywood producers knocks on her door requesting a fake relationship to satisfy investors, she never intended to let real feelings get in the way. But with Christmas and her growing child inside her, Eva’s world is changing and she’s adapting in a way she never expected. But love doesn’t exist, right? Soon she’ll have to change her mind.

For only 99 cents this weekend only!

One Ruined Wedding. One bad boy guest. One wedding night she never expected, but can it last?
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